Walking Shoes to Bring on Your Trip to Japan

idodoodle bestwalkingfeetSo you are planning for a trip to go to Japan? Well, that is awesome. So you have your tickets ready and your bags are packed. But there is one other thing you need to check. Which are your shoes. In a country filled with tradition and a weather than can be too cold or too hot at times, having the right shoes at the right place and weather can ease your hassle of having to swap around and re-lacing your shoes all the time and avoid the awkwardness with the locals because no one wants to be highlighted as a Gaijin or outsider more than you already are. Here are some tips.

It really depends on how long you are staying in Japan for and what weather is it during that time. With this, you can have a better idea on what kinds of footwear you can bring and how many and in what time of the year.

If you are staying for One Week during Summer bring one pair of sandals or any closed toe sandals like Crocs but do not wear flip flops and also one pair of any closed to shoe. During Fall season carry a pair of sandals but again, no flip flops and one pair of closed shoes. During Winter, one pair of boots that are effective in snowy conditions will help and another pair of ankle high shoes or boots and in Spring, one boots and a closed toe shoe will be fine.

Since you will be standing for long hours, visit bestwalkingfeet.com to find shoes that are perfect for standing all day.

If this is going to be a much longer trip of about two to three seasons, you obviously have to bring more like during Summer to Fall, you have to have 2 pairs of sandals and 2 pairs of comfy shoes. During Fall up until Winter one pair of sandals is fine, 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots that are effective in snow. However during Winter to Spring bring a pair of boots for snow, one pair of closed toe shoes and another pair of ankle boots. During Spring until Summer one pair of boots will do, two pairs of closed toe shoes and one pair of sandals and still no flip flops. But the sandals are optional if your luggage is too heavy.

For the long haul of a year’s stay. Bring two to three pairs of sandals during summer, one pair of crocs but its optional, one to two pairs of dress shoes if you have formal meetings, about two pairs of closed to walking shoes or ankle boots, and then a pair of sneakers for everyday wear, one pair of boots for cold weather days and snow boots because it can snow really hard in Japan.

As tourists, expect to walk a lot during your visit. So, arm yourself with the right type of walking shoes. This is especially important if you have flat feet. Walking with the wrong shoes when you have flat feet can be very uncomfortable. Find the right shoe wear for flat feet here http://bestwalkingfeet.com/good-shoes-for-flat-feet/ before travelling to Japan.


If you plan on staying in Japan for long periods of time, you’d rather buy from where you are coming from because if you are a larger person, getting shoes in your size might prove very difficult for you. So save yourself the trouble and buy before coming to Japan. Also, if you are going to be carrying a beater shoe, better buy another pair of that because you will be doing a lot of walking in this country and its better to be safe and have a back up pair.