Trying Out a New Kind of Bow

idodoodle crossbowsSometimes it comes to a point that we want to try new things in life, sometimes silly things but most of the time when life gets too boring and repetitive, we want to try something adventurous like shooting guns or hunting. But in this case, it is about crossbows. But what do you need to know? Do you even know the right questions to ask when you are about to set out and get a new crossbow? Well here are some guidelines you can look into before buying one.

To what range can I shoot a crossbow?

Actually, you can shoot up to 100 yards or 91.4 meters. But the ideal range for a crossbow if you are hunting for deer should not be any longer than a regular bow which is 30 to 45 yards which is 36.5 meters. Do not get the wrong idea but even if the bolt is flying 450 feet a second, the noise that the crossbow makes when you pull the trigger will reach the deer before the bolt does. The farther you are from the target, the more time the target can react. So if you are shooting from 100 yards away, the deer can make about 3 to 4 steps away. That can make the difference between a clean shot from an escaped deer.

Are crossbows safe? Do you have a safety like the ones you will find on guns?

Yes and Yes. They are safe, but do not forget they are not toys. These bows can also hurt or seriously injured if placed in the hands of an amateur. Modern crossbows all have a safety feature included in them just like the ones you have on guns. They even have an anti-dry shot mechanism that stops the bow from firing if there are no bolts loaded.

How much will it cost me to buy a crossbow?

Depending on a lot of things, crossbows nowadays ranges from $600 for starter crossbows and can go all the way up to $2500 for top of the line, cream of the crop makes and models of crossbows in the market today. If you are going to use it for hunting, you better think about it long and hard especially if you only get to use it on a 2 week long season. If you want to invest in a quality crossbow, check out the TenPoint brand.

Is there anything should I be aware of before buying?

Remember, in these kinds of products, you get what you pay for. So the lower your budget, the more issues you are going to find. Always ask the question before you buy, “what is the warranty?”

Are there smaller ones for kids and women?

Generally it is one size that fits all. But a kid can use it given that there is a crank or string to help them draw the string. However the weight is around 7 to 12 pounds but you can operate it while it is resting on a stick if it is too heavy for you.