I’ve always loved the Japanese culture and so I decided to learn how to speak their language. Learning Japanese is not easy but it’s also very rewarding once you get into it. I made this blog for those people who are also interested in learning the Japanese language. My blog posts will always be associated with the Japanese culture and Japan in general. I know there are many people who fell in love with Japan so I am hoping to have many people interested in my blog.

If you liked my posts and you want to communicate with me, there is a comments section that is open for you. Please feel free to leave a message or ask me anything about the article that I put up. If you have suggestions on how I can make my blog better or topics that you think I should feature, I will greatly appreciate it. I am also open to criticism and I would like to learn from people who are really passionate about the Japanese culture.

I started getting into the Japanese culture when I was a child through Japanese animation. I thought living in Japan will be very nice since these animations make it look like it’s a wonderful and peaceful place to be in. Since I am very much into their culture, my hobbies also have something to do with anything Japanese. I love karaoke and I also like origami because it helps me relax. I also want to know people who share the same interest in the Japanese culture so I am very happy to have made this blog.