Walking Shoes to Bring on Your Trip to Japan

Walking Shoes to Bring on Your Trip to Japan

idodoodle bestwalkingfeetSo you are planning for a trip to go to Japan? Well, that is awesome. So you have your tickets ready and your bags are packed. But there is one other thing you need to check. Which are your shoes. In a country filled with tradition and a weather than can be too cold or too hot at times, having the right shoes at the right place and weather can ease your hassle of having to swap around and re-lacing your shoes all the time and avoid the awkwardness with the locals because no one wants to be highlighted as a Gaijin or outsider more than you already are. Here are some tips.

It really depends on how long you are staying in Japan for and what weather is it during that time. With this, you can have a better idea on what kinds of footwear you can bring and how many and in what time of the year.

If you are staying for One Week during Summer bring one pair of sandals or any closed toe sandals like Crocs but do not wear flip flops and also one pair of any closed to shoe. During Fall season carry a pair of sandals but again, no flip flops and one pair of closed shoes. During Winter, one pair of boots that are effective in snowy conditions will help and another pair of ankle high shoes or boots and in Spring, one boots and a closed toe shoe will be fine.

Since you will be standing for long hours, visit bestwalkingfeet.com to find shoes that are perfect for standing all day.

If this is going to be a much longer trip of about two to three seasons, you obviously have to bring more like during Summer to Fall, you have to have 2 pairs of sandals and 2 pairs of comfy shoes. During Fall up until Winter one pair of sandals is fine, 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots that are effective in snow. However during Winter to Spring bring a pair of boots for snow, one pair of closed toe shoes and another pair of ankle boots. During Spring until Summer one pair of boots will do, two pairs of closed toe shoes and one pair of sandals and still no flip flops. But the sandals are optional if your luggage is too heavy.

For the long haul of a year’s stay. Bring two to three pairs of sandals during summer, one pair of crocs but its optional, one to two pairs of dress shoes if you have formal meetings, about two pairs of closed to walking shoes or ankle boots, and then a pair of sneakers for everyday wear, one pair of boots for cold weather days and snow boots because it can snow really hard in Japan.

As tourists, expect to walk a lot during your visit. So, arm yourself with the right type of walking shoes. This is especially important if you have flat feet. Walking with the wrong shoes when you have flat feet can be very uncomfortable. Find the right shoe wear for flat feet here http://bestwalkingfeet.com/good-shoes-for-flat-feet/ before travelling to Japan.


If you plan on staying in Japan for long periods of time, you’d rather buy from where you are coming from because if you are a larger person, getting shoes in your size might prove very difficult for you. So save yourself the trouble and buy before coming to Japan. Also, if you are going to be carrying a beater shoe, better buy another pair of that because you will be doing a lot of walking in this country and its better to be safe and have a back up pair.

My Love for Archery Continued

My Love for Archery Continued

idodoodle recurvebowsTo some people when they start doing something, it is going to be something they like and it goes from there. It becomes a past time, then a hobby, then a passion and ultimately it becomes their life. There are some lucky people out there who just finds the things they love to do and keep on doing it. One of these things is archery. There are many reasons behind for their love for the sport just grows and keeps on going and continuing. If you have not been in to the sport yet, here are just a few reasons why archery is so fulfilling and enjoying for others.

First of all, it is a sport you can play for the rest of your life. At an early age of 8 you can try for the USA Archery’s Explore Archery or Junior Olympic Archery Development programs. As proof, the Olympic gold medalist Butch Johnson won five of his medals between the age of 36 and 52 so you can easily say that you are always going to be in your prime. Believe it or not, even folks at their seventies or eighties still compete at the Outdoors Nationals and if you are going to go beyond that, you can still compete at the national and even international Senior Games tournaments.

Next is you can play it at any weather. You will be pleased to know is that it is an all weather, all year round sport. During winter, you can play it indoors where you can shoot targets about 18 meters away but when spring comes, competitors will be shooting targets from 20 to 70 meters away depending on a lot of things like age and type of equipment being used.

If you are the competitive type, no problem. There are lots of tournaments out there local, state or national levels. The sport is not that big meaning its competitive but not overwhelming.

Otherwise if you don’t want to compete, archery can still be the sport for you. It will let you go at your own way and pace, no scores needed. It can also be played for exercise or just simply a fun day with targets and friends.

Olympics or Paralympics are something for you to watch or even attend. People are being trained for both events so you are now a step closer to your Olympic dreams. But remember, it will take hundreds of thousands of arrows to be let loose, intense practice, dedication and potential to get to your goal.

It is not just simply shooting at piece of cardboard with a bullseye  on it, archery has a lot of games for you. You can shoot 3D foam animals in a course, stationary targets and then there is the outdoor field targets that are shot on a roving course on a distance from up to 80 yards away.

It can be a fashion statement if you like. Some archers like Ki Bo Bae wear awesome looking hats. Some women even color their nails with fancy manicures and teams wear bright colored uniforms. Most, if not all archers even use these things called “quiver candy” – items that you attach to your quiver that will be holding your arrows. Custom painted bows, different accessories for their gear. You name it.

Ki Bo Bae wears fabulous hats. Colombian women sport fancy manicures. Teams wear colorful uniforms. Almost every archer wears “quiver candy” – unique items that clip onto the quivers that hold their arrows. People go with color themes for all their gear, and even custom-paint their bows. Archery is fashion forward.

Archery is a great sport for building confidence quickly. The feeling of shooting a bow and accomplishing your goal – whether it’s drilling a bull’s eye or executing a great shot – helps you build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Archery is also great for improving focus, patience and even math skills.

There are a lot of reasons you can start learning archery. However, before you do, you will have to equip yourself with the right bow. Recurve bows are a good way to start. There are a lot of interesting recurve bow events. Learn more about the different recurve bows in the market. The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve bow is among the most popular recurve bows.

Using Archery to Understand Japanese Culture

Using Archery to Understand Japanese Culture

idodoodle compoundbowsIf you are into the Japanese culture, you would know by now that it is very extensive and goes a long way back. It is vibrant and colorful even at some point it is violent. Japan has been involved in a lot of wars and among its neighboring countries like China and colonization of Korea but that is not the point. To know more about a culture, it has never been easier but at the same time difficult when it comes to Japan’s. The easy part it is that the Japanese people’s daily lives and activities are filled with tradition and practice towards perfection and balance. With this in mind, while learning and embracing a sport, in this case archery or Kyudo, you will be learning a lot about Japanese culture. So what is Kyudo and how far it goes back in Japanese history.

It is considered a Japanese martial art called Gendai Budo of archery; people who practice this art are called Kyudojin meanwhile experts are referred to Kyudoka. The whole martial art is based on Kyujutsu or art of archery. This art first came about when the samurai classes developed it during Japan’s feudal age. It is popular worldwide and as of late the International Kyudo Federation has listed about 132,760 members as of 2006.

Just like everywhere else, the beginning of archery in Japan is unrecorded. The very first time it was pictured in Japanese art showing an asymmetrical longbow are going all the way back to the Yayoi Period and that is about between 500 BC to 300 AD. However, the first time it was first mentioned in any document, ironically was from Chinese chronicle Weishu describing Japanese archery. It says that the archers from the Japanese isles are using wooden bows that are long from the top side and short on the bottom.

It started emerging when society in Japan changed as the military class, the Samurai, took power at the end of the first millennium, thus creating a requirement of learning archery. This resulted in the development of the first kyujutsu ryuha (style) called henmi-ryu and was founded by the archer named Henmi Kiyomitsu in the 12th century. Moving forward the development of the style, his descendants founded the takeda-ryu and the mounted archery school ogasawara-ryu. Then war struck from 1180 to 1185 and was called the Genpei War which ramped up the demand for archers. This resulted in where the founder of Ogasawara-ryu to start teching the art of Yabusame also known as mounted archery.

What can you use for? Well, kyudo is being taught in many different schools all over the world. Some will have a much more military background than others and some descended from a much more ceremonial or meditative practice of kyudo. Therefore it is going to be evident that their emphasis on the art is different which is not very uncommon for different Japanese activities. That all things (and activities) serve a purpose and that purpose is all up to you who does it.

While this form of archery may be difficult to achieve especially since it requires some sort of discipline, modern day archery is another kind of story. We can now easily learn how to shoot a compound bow or other types of bows. This can begin by finding the right bow for us. There are numerous brands in the market that you can choose from.

Air Conditioning Proves Conducive to Learning

Air Conditioning Proves Conducive to Learning

idodoodle airconditionerlabFor a long time now, examinations in schools usually fall under the hottest times of the year. It is only been recently that air conditioning has been found as a very important factor as far as learning is concerned but if you are going to look back in the olden days, better if you can relate, to the countless hours you have endured in humid classrooms wishing that the class will end already and when it does, you find yourself sweating profusely, sticky all over while still hearing your teacher’s voice in your ears. It is just unfortunate, knowing this day and age of technology that there are still kids out there enduring the same thing sitting in classrooms in utter discomfort and at the same time trying to pass something so important which is their exams.

Air conditioning in schools nowadays will, first and foremost, keep your students, teachers and staff comfortable and in turn the teachers will have more time to focus on teaching the students and students can then focus on learning. There are a lot of schools out there that have limited space and with even more overcrowded classrooms, this can make the lack of space insufferable to some students especially the little ones that can become distraught and even sick due to excess heat. For temporary  learning areas, the availability of portable air conditioners is the solution. The perfect answer to any classroom that needs specific needs for air conditioning and in whichever space it is required. This however is just a small step towards the ultimate solution which is an air conditioning system for the entire school which will undoubtedly cause nothing but good things for everyone who gets to use it.

However to some nations having a warm climate is quite a normal thing, but everyone is aware of the constant rise of the ocean’s temperatures due to global warming and also heat waves. So that only means one thing, that the world is getting hotter and hotter.

Air conditioning for schools is surely a huge investment. But an investment that will pay dividends in the long run in terms of improved school environment, significant increase in air quality, greener operations and more control over the system that will make it more efficient as per using the air conditioning system.

Installing the right air conditioning in schools will only bring positive results. By installing it with the help of professional engineers in a fine tuned and precise manner, that will make it nothing but timely. With the right experience, they will be choosing the perfect product for the school for a much cheaper but greener materials and will emphasize on silence, efficiency, and durability that is just right for educational institutions. After when it is all said and done, the positive side will immediately show by improving the health of students, teachers and staff with asthma and even hay fever. In any establishment accidents tend to happen 25% more often if the temperature is at 24 degrees or more and the productivity dips more than 15%. So do the math and you will see its benefits in the long run.

Trying Out a New Kind of Bow

Trying Out a New Kind of Bow

idodoodle crossbowsSometimes it comes to a point that we want to try new things in life, sometimes silly things but most of the time when life gets too boring and repetitive, we want to try something adventurous like shooting guns or hunting. But in this case, it is about crossbows. But what do you need to know? Do you even know the right questions to ask when you are about to set out and get a new crossbow? Well here are some guidelines you can look into before buying one.

To what range can I shoot a crossbow?

Actually, you can shoot up to 100 yards or 91.4 meters. But the ideal range for a crossbow if you are hunting for deer should not be any longer than a regular bow which is 30 to 45 yards which is 36.5 meters. Do not get the wrong idea but even if the bolt is flying 450 feet a second, the noise that the crossbow makes when you pull the trigger will reach the deer before the bolt does. The farther you are from the target, the more time the target can react. So if you are shooting from 100 yards away, the deer can make about 3 to 4 steps away. That can make the difference between a clean shot from an escaped deer.

Are crossbows safe? Do you have a safety like the ones you will find on guns?

Yes and Yes. They are safe, but do not forget they are not toys. These bows can also hurt or seriously injured if placed in the hands of an amateur. Modern crossbows all have a safety feature included in them just like the ones you have on guns. They even have an anti-dry shot mechanism that stops the bow from firing if there are no bolts loaded.

How much will it cost me to buy a crossbow?

Depending on a lot of things, crossbows nowadays ranges from $600 for starter crossbows and can go all the way up to $2500 for top of the line, cream of the crop makes and models of crossbows in the market today. If you are going to use it for hunting, you better think about it long and hard especially if you only get to use it on a 2 week long season. If you want to invest in a quality crossbow, check out the TenPoint brand.

Is there anything should I be aware of before buying?

Remember, in these kinds of products, you get what you pay for. So the lower your budget, the more issues you are going to find. Always ask the question before you buy, “what is the warranty?”

Are there smaller ones for kids and women?

Generally it is one size that fits all. But a kid can use it given that there is a crank or string to help them draw the string. However the weight is around 7 to 12 pounds but you can operate it while it is resting on a stick if it is too heavy for you.